Pursuant to section 42(1) of the Criminal Law (Mentally Impaired Accused) Act 1996 (WA) (the Act), the Board is established with the following members:

(a) the person who is the chairperson of the Prisoners Review Board appointed under section 103(1)(a) of the Sentence Administration Act 2003;

(ba) a deputy chairperson, to be nominated by the Minister and appointed by the Governor;

(bb) a person who, under the Disability Services Act 1993 section 9 or 10, works for the Disability Services Commission, appointed by the Commission;

(b) the persons who are community members of the Prisoners Review Board appointed under section 103(1)(c) of the Sentence Administration Act 2003;

(c) a psychiatrist appointed by the Governor;

(d) a psychologist appointed by the Governor.

Pursuant to section 42A of the Act, the Board is required to have at least the Chairperson and two other members of the Board to constitute a quorum.

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Last updated: 21-Apr-2022

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